Meeting & Boardroom Technology

The way we work is changing constantly and at a rapid pace. Many companies now allow employees to work remotely yet still ensure that the customer’s needs come first. In order to maximise efficiency and create a seamless connection between all parties, it is vital that a company’s meeting and boardrooms have the appropriate technology to not just enable but encourage relationship building and get the most out of collaborative efforts.

Typical meeting and boardroom technology is comprised of various audio visual components, devices and software to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the space. These technologies facilitate the collaboration and communication between staff members, managers, clients, and various stakeholders.

Meeting and boardroom technology can also be an efficient cost-saving tool as it can drastically reduce travel expenses, increase productivity, and ensure collaboration and communication throughout the organisation. Futureworks provides a variety of solutions and technology to ensure effective and reliable meeting and boardroom audio visual systems that can help you achieve these goals.

Our team identifies each client’s needs and develops a solution to meet these requirements.

We provide solutions for spaces of all sizes and differing complexities, ranging from small huddle rooms to medium meeting rooms and even larger, more complex boardrooms. Generally speaking, meeting and boardroom technology includes:

High-definition audio and video equipment

This includes fixed projectors, manual and motorised projection screens, flat panel HDTV monitors that can work with existing computers or laptops, touch screen displays, single or dual displays, associated mounting options and equipment racks, wired or wireless microphones, and discrete speaker options that ensure optimised clarity of speech and minimal feedback. Lighting control options are also available for basic functionality and to enhance the purpose of the room.

Interactive screen technology

This is a large display unit or panel that is usually driven by a computer or laptop. This technology allows users to access files which are stored on their devices and interact with content in an engaging way, often in a group setting.

Device connectivity

This includes hard-wired connectivity or wireless connection capabilities. Device connectivity options are customised for each client depending on the specified needs of each space.

Multi-purpose video conferencing and live streaming capabilities

Futureworks offers a wide range of meeting room technology solutions to ensure effective multi-purpose video conferencing, and we take pride in being Zoom Certified Integrators. Video conferencing and live streaming capabilities offers organisations a competitive advantage by allowing two or more locations to communicate simultaneously via two-way video and audio transmissions. Our clients have experienced a wide range of benefits through using video conferencing technologies, such as optimised attendance, increased productivity, structured meetings with improved communications, increased employee retention, and reduced travel time and costs.

Unified AV system control

Futureworks is renowned for providing systems that offer a consistent and simple mode of operation when setting up presentations. We use a mixture of boardroom technology, including room booking panels and room control panels to allow for effective and easy operation. We use control panels and associated software to control the room from a single user-friendly device, including controlling the lighting, audio, and visual aspects of the entire meeting room. This ensures less down time and increased productivity. The unified AV system control technologies are always customised for each client and can range from small and simple to larger and more complex systems.

Room booking systems

Room booking system technology provides clients with the ability to secure a meeting room or space ahead of time. Staff members can schedule and check in to meetings, while management can keep track of how meeting and office spaces are being utilised. Room booking systems generally secure a booking, monitor time spent in each space, and alert occupants when a session is due to end. In doing so, organisations do not experience over-runs, and ensure the most efficient use of company resources.

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