Audio Visual Systems

Futureworks is a high-specification audio visual control solutions company that specialises in the design, development, and installation of electronic presentation technologies with a key strength in the design and programming of integrated control systems. We provide integrated systems, including the installation and control of video conferencing, live streaming, projection systems, screens and monitors, lighting, and sound systems. Our service team also offers power infrastructure for audio visual systems, such as power, data, fibre and signal cabling, signal reticulation and distribution, as well as electrical and telecommunications wiring.

Futureworks prides itself on the continuous innovation and roll-out of new technologies. Our team understands that our clients’ audio visual system needs continue to change and evolve as modern technology advances. The modern learner now requires a mix of multimedia in presentations, while staff members of both small and large organisations require live video streaming and video conferencing capabilities, as well as the use of smartboards and other similar technologies to enable collaboration across the network. Our team is constantly working to understand our individual customer needs and provide the relative and innovative audio visual solutions to meet these needs and requirements.

Our audio visual services range from small and simple projects to larger and more complex projects. We have provided successful audio visual solutions to a range of organisations and institutions, including universities, corporate companies, government departments, museums, and various other tertiary institutions.

Audio visual services we offer:

  • Audio visual upgrades
  • New builds & roll-out of new technologies
  • Lecture theatres
  • Classrooms
  • 3D projection suites
  • Modern learning environments
  • Pedagogical spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Video & audio conferencing
  • Video & audio recording
  • Live streaming
  • Board rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Presentation rooms
  • Performance spaces
  • Multipurpose video conferencing
  • Unified AV system control
  • Projectors & screens
  • Smart home systems
  • Museums and visitor centers


At Futureworks we believe that audio visual systems are an integral part of any organisation. It is important to take into consideration that often, the success of an organisation depends on its ability to effectively connect with its clients, suppliers, partners, and staff members.

Effective AV systems provide many benefits, such as:

  • Higher engagement levels
  • Increased collaboration and communication
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost savings due to improved efficiencies
  • Decreased travel expenses
  • More effective and conceptual learning processes
  • Increased interest and motivation

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